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Before you run off for Thanksgiving, here are some very important updates!

*  Save the Date - Saturday, January 24th: For the rescheduled "Remember the Ogallala" meeting, though it's likely to be held in Austin with the legislative session already underway by then. More soon.

Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt is resigning! That it comes within just weeks of his reelection, makes it a dizzying runaround for all House District 17 voters — Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales and Karnes countians. It also makes it clear that the fix is in on Dist. 17, but not on our watch. Check out the video for laughs and read more below.

* San Antonio, Monday, Dec. 1, Linda Curtis will be visiting with various folks to develop plans to flush the Vista Ridge project. Call Linda at 512-657-2089.

* Next Statewide Conference Call, Saturday, Dec. 6, 9 am. Reply for details.

* Bastrop, Monday, Dec. 8, 8-1:30 pm. Please sign up to attend the "Environmental Summit" being held by TCEQ and Sen. Kirk Watson. We'll talk about this on our statewide conference call.


No one we know believes for a moment that Kleinschmidt had no idea he was about to move up to a cushy job as the General Counsel for the Department of Agriculture. Surely, the Republican Party establishment has a plan and a candidate. The Governor appears to has some delineated power to set the election date. It is possible we will see an election coming up very quickly. Don't be surprised if some in the Democratic Party are in on the plan. Though Democratic State Senator Kirk Watson is now supposed to represent Bastrop County, he was at the TCEQ last February advocating the LCRA cut-off the "downstreamers" on the Colorado River. Stay tuned...

We are also hearing from others across the state who want to us to come to speak with you or help you develop plans to flush Vista Ridge. We love getting those demands put on us, so keep 'em coming.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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