League of Independent Voters of Texas

Nacogdoches, Texas, January 22, upon the sad opening of the Keystone XL


Thank you if you've already signed our letter to the Texas Attorney General.

The Attorney General has received about 1,000 letters! Can you help multiply that by ten!?

If you haven’t yet signed it, please do here: Online Letter to Attorney  General Greg Abbott

Do the Texas Two Step and help us get to 10,000!

  1. Ask more people to sign by emailing them or posting on Facebook this link: http://independentleaguetx.org/?p=19 OR you can print it out here.
  2. Join our conference call tomorrow (Saturday, 2/25) at 10 am for more. Just reply and we'll send you details.

Note!  There are three pipelines carrying diluted bitumen (aka tar sands crude) across East Texas. The Keystone XL, Seaway and the Pegasus. Pegasus is temporariy shut down due to a lawsuit against its owner, Exxon, taken by the Attorney General of Arkansas AFTER the devastating spill in Mayflower, Arkansas last March.

In the case of the TransCanada’s Keystone XL, we are urging that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (known for his challenges to the feds) to step in NOW BEFORE a breach harms public safety, land and East Texas waterways. (The letter explains).

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Please do all you can do join us in Beaumont on February 7th at 9 am for a very critical hearing of landowner David Holland's now famous (Denbury) eminent domain case! More details soon.

Thanks to Steve DaSilva of Nacogdoches who took the photo above of this event in Nacogdoches last Wednesday night.

Keep in touch y'all!

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P.S. The League is a new non-profit (NOT tax-exempt) membership organization for voters of all persuasions to unite outside the parties. Please consider joining, if you haven't yet, for $20/year. Thanks y'all.