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Big news, y'all!

Remember, when Forestar Real Estate was given a 12,000 acre-feet-year permit from the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District in July 2013? Forestar turned around and sued Lost Pines GCD for the full 45,000 AFY (41 million gallons per day) and got the Hays County Commissioners Court to sign on to a "reservation agreement" that Forestar used in their litigation against Lost Pines.

Anyway, today, the Hays County Commissioners, canceled the agreement. Read more about it here

If you can make it to Bastrop tomorrow night to hear End Op LP's argument before the Lost Pines GCD for their 46,000 AFY, please do! Starts at 7 pm at the Bastrop Convention Center, 1408 Chestnut. Come a little early if you can, to read some materials we'll have for you.

Thank you all for hanging in there to oppose Forestar -- especially our very good friends in Hays County!

Independently yours,

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PS Apparently, Gridzilla has thrown down her gauntlet on Vista Ridge. More soon...