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Worst Nightmare in Water War for Hundreds of Thousands in Central Texas Could Come True

The worst nightmare to hundreds of thousands of residents and landowners who depend on the aquifer underlying Lee, Bastrop, Milam, Burleson, Brazos and Robertson counties, could come true on Wednesday night.

Citizens will sit in silence, watching their friends on the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District either capitulate to the advice of their lawyers, or remember their mission and history -- as a conservation district.

While a regional movement of citizens has begun to rise up against San Antonio’s Vista Ridge 50,000 acre-feet water grab in Burleson and Milam counties, End Op LP’s mega-permit on the same aquifer (just on the other side, in Lee and Bastrop counties), is barreling down the track at this meeting. If End Op gets what they want (46,000 acre-feet), Forestar Real Estate Group will be close behind, and they will get their full 45,000 acre-feet in Lee County. The aquifer drains will be fully open and others, like LCRA, will follow.

We sent this report to you last week by respected hydrologist, George Rice, a former member of the Edwards Aquifer Authority board. The potential damage to the aquifer is spelled out in detail for the Vista Ridge project alone. It did not take into consideration the 91,000 acre-feet permit demands by End Op and Forestar Real Estate.

Sometime on Wednesday morning, District Court Judge Carson Campbell will hear arguments on a motion to stop Lost Pines GCD from negotiating a permit with End Op until the court has time to rule on landowner's appeal for party status -- a seat at the table with End Op. You might call us midday for a report or we hope to see you at the Convention Center.

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