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Senate Bill 1392 by Sen. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) is up for hearing in the Senate’s Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs Committee THIS MONDAY (April 10) at 2 p.m.  The Bill is Gridzilla’s flagship this session.

URGENT ACTION BEFORE THE 2 P.M. HEARING IS REQUIRED–---SB 1392 needs to die in Committee NOW before it gets loaded up with equally bad amendments.

Please get this out to your networks in rural, urban and suburban Texas right away:

  •  Call your Senator’s office anytime to say or leave a message like this --  “I want my Senator to OPPOSE SB 1392”, and give a brief personal message about why you oppose it.

    Find your Senator here or just call the Texas Capitol Switchboard (not open on weekends) at 512-463-4630. Then, call the Ag Committee office at 512-463-0340 to lodge your complaint about this horrible legislation -- politely, please.
  • Here’s a sample longer message

    I oppose SB 1392 because it will take away the ability of groundwater districts to balance pumping of aquifers with the need to conserve and protect them for future generations. It also takes away any opportunity to consider the economic impact of drawing down aquifers on the rural communities that lie over them.
  • Please ask your friends to do the same. (Use the share buttons on this message from here on our website blog or use the good ol' telephone to call 'em!)

If you are able, go to the Capitol Monday before 2 p.m. and sign in to OPPOSE the bill. If you can stay for the hearing, make 2-3 minutes of comments to OPPOSE it and hand in 15 copies of your comments (hand-written is fine). Go to the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance alert for more details, here.

You should continue calling House Speaker Joe Straus at 512-463-1000. Politely ask him to put a stop to the water profiteers working our legislators this session. Please add a thanks for his support for HB 25, to end straight ticket "one-punch" voting -- a great idea to open up electoral competition in Texas. More soon on this one.

Got questions? Reach us -- reply to this message or call us.

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Thanking you Texans ahead of time,

League of Independent Voters of Texas
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PS We will have a statewide conference call at 7 pm this Wednesday night to discuss strategy on the water, wallet & elections front. Reply for details.