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The good and bad news is that good and bad bills are bottled up in the Texas legislature due the slowdown of this legilsative session.

What happens these last four weeks, until sine die (the end of session, May 29th) is up to the legislators and YOU. Bills will be flying through the process. It's our job to do what we can to alert you. Then, you take it from there.

 These next few weeks, we will need to reach on a moment's notice to contact your legislators. Please take a few minutes to read our alerts and do what you can.

Last Monday night's Election Committee hearing on House Bill 3068 -- the Voter Choice Act -- was a ray of sunshine . At 3:15 in the hearing, Rep. Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City) laid out House Bill 3068 -- the Voter Choice Act, for fair ballot access laws for independent candidates and "minor parties". What happened next was extraordinary. Neither major party opposed it. A leading Republican from Harris County supported the bill with only one amendment. The Election Committee listened.

Watch the video starting at 3:15:23 AND make sure you call or email the committee members under this link with a suggested message.


Click here for a brief water update -- no action, but keep a close watch on your email alerts. You are very likely to have very short notice!

Here's something you can do right now, as requested from our local farm advocates at FARFA:  Help us stop these two bad bills, HB 1643 and SB 1172/2758.
Best news all day, our new website it up! Click on the sticket. Get one of these with any membership level or donation to LIV.


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P.S. We'll see what happens after the session closes on May 29 (called "sine die"). Many voters are, at least telling us, they're ready to go "independent" to push for more electoral choice!