League of Independent Voters of Texas

Dear #FIRST_NAME#Friends#:

We formed the new League of Independent Voters last fall because mama told us there'd be days like this.

Remember Mayflower, Arkansas, the little town that suffered a tar sands pipeline breach? Yesterday, they were hit by a deadly tornado and our hearts go out to them. Follow their recovery efforts here.

The Texas Water Development Board is kicking up another deadly storm on all local communities as they seek to assert the state's perceived power over local control. If we don't head 'em off at the pass, the long opposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir in NE Texas will flood 70,000 acres of prime farm and timber land. For what purpose? So Dallas can continue to avoid what everyone in water planning knows is a far more cost-effective way to produce more water than reservoirs that get us 50% evaporation rates. It's called conservation.

This is an abuse of state power -- pure and simple.

The independent-minded Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) in yesterday’s Longview paper here echoes our concerns and says this is way bigger than all the flap about the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) making headlines. The Marvin Nichols is a fight internal to Texas, not a fight with the feds.

What can you do? Do the Texas two-step:

STEP 1:  Go to this page, scroll down and use online letter to send a clear message to the TWDB to back off the Marvin Nichols. Use the Facebook link too!

STEP 2:  Saddle up now and join the new League of Independent Voters -- your dues fuel our fight FOR YOU!

Last November a coalition of statewide officials (Republicans and Democrats) together with some of the "Big Green" organizations (Sierra Club, Environment Texas) formed an alliance to pass Proposition 6 based on promises by those in charge to do more conservation. Independents warned the greens that the chickens would come home to roost at the Marvin Nichols Reservoir, the enemy of conservation in Texas. And so it did.

Call it local control, call it new environmentalism...call it Texas populism. It is time now for Texans to unite outside the parties and to move independent. If we can recruit into the League of Independent Voters of Texas 50,000 members (that's only 1% of the 5 million independent Texans) our non-partisan independent voice can be the change agent in the pivotal legislative session in 2015.

That is why I am asking you to become a dues paying member today.

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If you can get to Mt. Pleasant on Wednesday at 2 pm, at the Mt. Pleasant Civic Center please do and bring a rope! That's a cowboy joke you'll be reading more of from us.

Independently yours,

League of Independent Voters of Texas
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PS MARK YOUR CALENDARS (Central Texas) for our first “Regional Round Up” in Bastrop on Sat., June 7, starting at 6 pm, June 7th. Volunteers are needed now!