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-- Davy Crockett

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Lee County Landowners and SAWDF Critical of Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District

Lee County, home of the central Texas groundwater wars, is also home to the non-profit, 501(c)(3) Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund (“SAWDF”). North Lee County landowners are speaking out on another commercial-size permit in north Lee County and have requested help from SAWDF to address their concerns. That area is also the site of the Forestar (USA) Real Estate Group’s commercial wells (recently purchased by Archway Water LLC), and is near End-Op/Recharge Texas’ proposed seven wells in Blue and the massive 33-well Vista Ridge Project in Burleson County.

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Our Legislature Fails (Again) -- the Texas Railroad Commission … couldn’t they at least get the name fixed?

The Texas Railroad Commission is perhaps the most important, and yet least transparent, agency in Texas government. Its dishonest and misleading name has nothing to do with its actual duties (which is to regulate the state’s ever so important oil and gas industry). And even though at least one Commissioner seat is on the ballot every two years, fewer than 5% of Texas voters are aware of its duties.

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Austin Convention Center & HOT Taxes

Austin’s hotel occupancy tax (HOT) is estimated to bring in $92 million this year and likely to cross the $100 million mark next year. State law requires the HOT tax be used to benefit and promote tourism to the Austin area.

While less than 2% of Austin visitors come for the convention center (CC), the current convention center is consuming over 80% of our HOT tax revenues

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The Dissappointing 85th Regular Session

As we wrap up another round of the Texas Legislature, I can’t help but think of another lost opportunity. This session began with great optimism, as they always do, but in the end, the same old question arises; why did I bother?  Why do I continue to let myself be optimistic, only to be disappointed session after session?

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Crony Capitalism is Alive and Well and Driving Us Crazy

How much tax per Texas household should the Legislature levy to host either of the following conventions in 2020 at "Cowboys Stadium" or, specifically, AT&T Stadium in Arlington?

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The Oh-So-Special Session

Rather than shoot from the hip on the special session, we provide for you the opinioin of Harvey Kronberg from the Quorum Report. We respect Kronberg and view him as the best analyst of Texas politics.

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We know you love us, we know it's true, but do you love us enough to pay your membership dues?

Nat Love, a typical cowboy in 1907, is a reminder that we need an open range where the ideological and party fences that divide us are taken down so the cowboys and cowgirls, from all heritages, can work together. Join LIV now, partners!

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