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Some would say only God and Mother Nature “own” the Simsboro -- humanity only stewards it.

Is it possible to enlist Governor Greg Abbott's intervention in this manmade disaster in the making – the draining of the oh so slow to recharge Simsboro Aquifer by the San Antone Hose – just 30 miles east of his residence?

On Tuesday night, in the tiny rural town of Milano, Texas, we witnessed pure greed and stupidity as the purveyors of the Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose forgot who runs Texas. They insisted that the groundwater district -- Post Oak -- ignore the three state representatives, one state senator and one county judge who weighed in -- AND a veto by the Governor of Texas. 

In the post-Harvey world, anything could happen. Donald Trump himself just pulled the plug on public-private toll road deals! More on this soon.

Read what happened in Milano, then call Governor Greg Abbott!
Governor's office line: 512.463.2000.
Ask for Gov. Abbott's intervention to save the Simsboro, then pray for the divine too.

The Hose ain't the only mega-permit on the Simsboro. Landowners will FINALLY have a day in court on End Op's mega-permit on the Simsboro. Do you live in the Simsboro counties -- Bastrop, Lee, Burleson or Milam? Join us in Bastrop on October 16th! This event is about water wars, transfer stations and more. Details here.

What does it mean to be an "independent Texan"?
Simple -- you shop the ballot. No party owns your vote and you're eager to unite with your fellow Texans, regardless of party

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Sincerely working for future generations,

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