League of Independent Voters of Texas

Dear #FIRST_NAME#Friends#:

Unfortunately, our server went down on July 4th, a few hours after we sent you a request to sign our Petition for Local Control and Property Rights. So, please try again if you missed it!

Yes, we know that we are petitioning the politically deaf! The Governor, several state agencies and candidates running in November have their own narrow agendas -- usually. But this is really not about them. It's really about building a statewide network of people to flood the legislature in January 2015.

Click here and do the deed! Please use the Facebook link to send it out to your friends!

Our next conference call is THIS Saturday at 9 am. Our special guest is Kathy Hubbard of the Brazos River Bottom Alliance. Visit this section of our website to read more about this important battle to protect the most PRIME FARMLAND in Texas, or click on the picture to watch the video.

If you have the conference line already, please use it. If not, reply to this message or call us for it.

Now make sure you sign the petition and pass it on won't ya?!

Independently yours,

League of Independent Voters of Texas
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PS As ol' Ben Franklin said, "If we don't hang together, we will surely hang separately". Please join the League for as little as $10 for the year. Go to our "Join" section won't you please?