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The Climate Action We Need Now.

Lobby Day for Independents March 5End Pay to Play at City Hall!
Investigate Vista Ridge!

  •  How do San Antonians overcome the polluting effects of special interest money flooding City Hall as witnessed last November to defeat citizen petitions?
  • What does it mean for the city of San Antonio to act on climate change while its own water utility ushers in the California Water Model – a man-made disaster – to Texas?
  • When will ordinary San Antonians get together across party lines to build our own consensus, a prerequisite for getting meaningful action at City Hall?

Cross Community Alliances
United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Saturday, March 30, 10 to 12 noon
Laurel Heights United Methodist Church         227 W Woodlawn Ave San Antonio TX 78212


  • In 2014, City leaders sat on their hands as their public water utility heeled to the real estate lobby’s demand for Vista Ridge, an unnecessary142-mile, $3.4B+ groundwater pipeline project, hazarding rural counties as pumps will fail and creeks will run dry. Meanwhile, San Antonians are already paying for what is said to be the most expensive groundwater in Texas, even though pumping will not begin until 2020. Let’s join hands now to demand a full and thorough investigation of Vista Ridge!
  • Some of the very same lobby interests and city hall cronies on Vista Ridge spent over $2 million in a an attempt to deny San Antonians their right to even vote on citizens petitions last November.
  • These political players are working in the legislative session to foster more Vista Ridge-like boondoggle projects, to do harm to your right to petition for a public vote, and more.

The objectives of this event are to inform candidates running for Mayor and City Council in May and to build lasting collegial working relationships for the greater good.

What you can do right now!

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