League of Independent Voters of Texas

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Lot's of news, tonight!

Texans for Eminent Domain Reform has an urgent news alert with a host of reform bills that are deserving of your support. Please call your legislators NOW, after you read this message.

San Antonio is in the midst of early voting for a big city election for Mayor and all 10 city council seats. So far, 17 candidates have endorsed LIV's Vista Ridge Resolution calling for a full independent managerial, legal and financial audit of the project. Read and share with your San Antonio pals.

The LIV is urging we all get behind the Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund to raise the funds necessary to carry the torch to protect the Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer...and all our most precious groundwater under siege by privateers and some municipal governments that have truly lost their way. You are invited to donate directly to SAWDF, a non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Besides donating cash, you can help SAWDF by participating in the Elgin Citywide Garage Sale on Saturday, May 4th. SAWDF's sale on the grounds of the First Presbyterian Church, at the corner of Main and Lexington Streets, needs donated items and donated labor to make this a big success. Do you have items to donate or time to spare, especially on Friday, May 3rd and at the sale the next day from 8-5?

Please reply to this message or give us a call to donate items or to volunteer.
You can donate directly to SAWDF here.

Thank you all for sticking with us at LIV! If things keep going as business-per-usual, we expect the independent movement only to grow!

On that note, be sure to pay your dues to become a member. That keeps us afloat, alive and kickin! Visit our membership section here.

Independently yours, Texas!

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