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Much has been said about Ross Perot’s passing but little from his grassroots. That’s us at the League of Independent Voters who got up close enough to find long-lasting appreciation and love for the imperfect Ross Perot. They – the insurgents – never are perfect. But the timing of his death was so like him. It was right on the money with new independent leadership (Amash, Cuban and others) emerging at that very moment of his passing. Today, a major lawsuit was filed challenging Texas ballot access laws for independents and minor parties! Is the potential for a more far reaching independent cataclysm than the Perot movement real? Don't Mourn. Read this and keep organizing:

Ross Perot Memoriam from his Grassroots: The Imperfect Insurgency


This major litigation -- with some powerful pro-bono legal chops from Shearman & Sterling and the Center for Competitive Democracy -- against the unfair petition rules for independents and minor parties in Texas, just hit the news!

Today, we continue the battle for competitive elections. It's all about the millions of voters in Texas who want more choices, regardless of their voting status.

Read the press release and suit here.


You didn't hear about how in this Texas legislative session Republicans made sure the Greens -- retroactively -- got back on the Texas ballot, in order to mess with the Democrats, did ya? Texas Democrats, to mess with the Republicans, also put the stomp on an attempt by Republicans to take Libertarians off the Texas ballot. Who's going to tell you? The same people who are looking out for millions of Texas independents. That's us here at LIV, from LIV Advisor, Mark Miller, LIV's professor of busting the two-party monopoly.

Let the Games Begin


San Antonians! Please join us at the Vista Ridge Resolution Coalition Meeting, Tues. July 23, 7 pm, at the Amalgamated Union Hall, 1901 N. Flores,

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The 2019 Food and Farm Leadership Conference -- an annual event not to be missed  -- will be in San Marcos, August 11-13. Early bird registration ends on Friday, July 19th.

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