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You were nice enough to share your email with us when you recently did our "Independent Voter Survey" at the Farm and Food Conference in San Marcos.

Know that because of your participation we have a better, clearer survey -- or so we hope. It's now online here.

Please feel free to share it with other independent minded friends. You can simply forward this message or copy THIS LINK.

If you click on this bumper sticker or this link --> "Independent Texan, It's Redundant!" -- check out what top Texas water lawyer and LIV Advisor, James Murphy, says about why San Antonio's water utility CEO appears to be WAY overpaid -- it's all about Vista Ridge --aka the 'San Antone Hose' that's hosing SAWS ratepayers and landowners 142 miles away.

The article also lays out what we asked of you at the conference -- to reach the Governor's hotline urging Texas move away from the "California water model". Mass conveyance of groundwater for new real estate development in areas without enough local supply is a proven disaster that California is now scrambling to mitigate. Make your calls and spread the word, please!

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