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#GivingTuesday grew out of a concern the holidays have become more about “getting than giving.”

We at LIV quite agree with all our hearts! That’s why we joined the #GivingTuesday movement launching next Tuesday, December 3, from this page: #GivingTuesdayIndependentTexans

We urge your participation next Tuesday. Please read this and ask our friends to join you in these efforts.

Use the share buttons on this page or forward this message. Always, feel free to call us.

The non-partisan, non-profit 501c4 LIV hopes you to give to us and/or to our friends at the non-profit 501c3 Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund (Water Defense Fund).

Please mark your calendar!
#GivingTuesday is Tuesday, December 3, starts right at 7:00 am CST.

We hope you non-vegetarians, at least, agree that turkey is for eating not for water and wallet grabbing.

San Antonio Water System (SAWS) admits Vista Ridge is FAR too much water for San Antonio. They even admit they can’t sell the excess. That's because it’s FAR too expensive. In fact, Vista Ridge is by FAR the most expensive water in Texas and likely the entire USA!

For this reason, along the $3.4 billion,142-mile Vista Ridge pipeline from Burleson County to San Antonio, ordinary folks call it the ‘San Antone Hose’ or simply ‘the Hose’.

And here's the policy blunder driving this turkey:

Mass conveyance of groundwater (drinking water) to serve real estate development in areas without natural local water supply is a proven disaster. This California Water Model should not be hustled on ratepayers, rural communities and aquifers.

LIV and the Water Defense Fund are two separate organizations.

LIV is a membership association for non-aligned voters. LIV runs issue campaigns and works to change policy set by the Texas legislature.

The Water Defense Fund focuses on outreach, education and advocacy for communities lying OVER THE AQUIFERS TARGETED FOR MINING TO THE POINT OF DESTRUCTION. In the bullseye are Burleson, Lee, Bastrop and Milam counties. The Simsboro formation of the Carizzo-Wilcox aquifer is what a host or profiteering privateers are after.

Help us stop SAWS and San Antonio City officials from eating OUR turkey by forcing 1.8 million ratepayers to suffer 52% rate hikes and more coming for this unnecessary and destructive project.

You think they didn’t notice San Antonio’s recent designation as the most ‘economically segregated’ city in this US and with the highest poverty rate jump in the entire nation?



Your donations to LIV will be used to demand a full and independent financial, legal and managerial audit of Vista Ridge -- long overdue -- before its slated pumping starts in April 2020.

And, if SAWS and the City officials of San Antonio won’t listen, your LIV donation will be put into a petition drive for a municipal vote in November 2020.

Give to LIV online or by check here.


PLEASE NOTE: the match is through the Water Defense Fund's Facebook page and could be more than $25,000! Like the Water Defense Fund on Facebook here.

Don’t use Facebook? Give online or by check to the Water Defense Fund here.

Other ways to help our mutual cause!

  • Volunteer with LIV!
  • Join our conference calls.
  • Join us in San Antonio on Saturday, December 7, 3 to 5 pm.

Contact us for more information. We just love a good ol’ fashioned phone call.

Again, please share all we have shared in the spirit of #GivingTuesday by forwarding this message or sharing from our #GivingTuesday page.

Meanwhile, enjoy whatever you are eating on Thursday before someone tries to snatch it off your plate.

A great giving Thanksgiving to you all!

Independently yours, Texas!

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PS Plese visit our Vista Ridge page at LIVTexas.org/Vista-Ridge for an important update on our engagement of the Audit and Accountability Committee chaired by Councilman John Courage.