League of Independent Voters of Texas

Dear #FIRST_NAME#Friends#:

We hope to see you tomorrow, Sunday, February 23, 2 to 4 pm at Luby's, 911 N. Main Avenue.

In 2014, when the San Antonio City Council rammed the Vista Ridge pipeline project on SAWS ratepayers and landowners 142 miles away, they were warned it would do harm to San Antonio's own source of drinking water -- the mighty Edwards Aquifer.

This is precisely what is happening today with the Mayor and majority Council's plan to unravel the Edwards Aquifer Protection program. (This Rivard Report piece, especially the comments, says it all.)

This is why a broad and growing coalition of the "sick and tired" is kicking off a petition drive tomorrow for the SAWS Accountability Act.

We can and we will emply our right to petition for a public vote, guaranteed by the Texas constitutional amendment passed in 1913!

Are you sick and tired too?

Come and bring some folks, hear about the petition and get copies and fliers to share with others! 

Forward this message or use this Event Page.

The petition will be live on this page as of tomorrow's event:  SAWSActPAC.org

Independently yours!

League of Independent Voters of Texas
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