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It wasn’t a big surprise when independent Congressman Justin Amash announced his bid for the Libertarian Party nomination. The real surprise was Mark Cuban reopening the possibility of an independent Presidential run. We want to know what you think as we are writing about it -- soon to be released.

Watch the Cuban interview with Yahoo Finance and provide a comment on this page.

We offer this latest LIV Newsletter, knowing already that it's not OK with you to see public officials join with private interests to allow pilfering -- especially in a crisis.

IN THIS ISSUE:  Pandemic Pilfering #1, #2 and #3 (below) with this timely piece posted by LIV Advisor Mark Miller on the Texas Oil and the Texas Railroad Commission.

TxDOT & CAMPO bulldozes to fund IH-35 expansion, thwart transportation chairs in Texas House and Senate, forsake common sense and open government. Catch the stream today (Monday) at 2 pm if you get this in time.

Check out: Pandemic Pilfering #1: TxDOT & CAMPO Ram Ih-35 Expansion

The decision by Senator Kirk Watson to bail as a leader of the central Texas growth machine could be real good news as the crisis in his wake unfolds right before our very eyes.

Let us tell you about it: Pandemic Pilfering #2: Watson Bails

SAWS votes tomorrow (Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo) to renew general manager’s near dictatorial powers, allowing Puente to execute contracts without Board approval, as the 30-year financing terms for Vista Ridge hangs in balance!

Read and share: Pandemic Pilfering #3: The Rogue SAWS 

Remember, LIV does not endorse candidates. We do try our best to bring issues forward, particularly those left untouched by political parties and major media.

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