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Dear #FIRST_NAME#Friends#: Even the bovines and equines get it. No eminent domain for private gain!

The Railroad Commission recently promulgated rule changes to supposedly reform the process for pipeline companies to receive the power to seize private property through eminent domain.

Remember the "T-4" form at the Railroad Commission (RRC) that allows a pipeline company to claim common carrier status by simply checking a box? This is what gave them the power to seize Julia Trigg Crawford's, David Holland's and thousands of others' land -- against their will. They're running tar sands crude over hundreds of East Texas water ways. They're running other high pressure and dangerous Liquified Natural Gas pipelines, like the one within 50 feet of Isom Ramsey's door in Beaumont.

What Can You Do? It's real simple:

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What's that you say? The RRC will reform itself when pigsfly. We know, but do it anyway!


For background, read this helpful piece from the Star-Telegram newspaper and you can visit our section on Eminent Domain on our website right here.

We, the people, need to continue to assert our rights to local control. Eminent domain can now be used to seize private property for water pipelines, y'all!

For upgoming events keep checking our calendar right here. If there's nothing happening where you are, we'll help you make something happen.

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