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After years of bitter battles over Vista Ridge (the San Antone Hose), between the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District, and landowners and other aquifer guardians, we must applaud Post Oak Directors (Milam and Burleson counties) for taking decisive action last Friday. Watch for news reports!

Read our media release today and enjoy the moment.

How long this moment will last, we cannot say.

Vista Ridge is a mega-permit to export 50,000 acre feet of groundwater per year for the next 30 years demanded by San Antonio Water System, a public utility, and permitted by Post Oak.

Who will this affect? Largely, the rural elderly of modest means in Burleson, Milam, Lee and Bastrop counties -- and San Antonio ratepayers. The latter live in the poorest metro area in the US, a community being hit hard by COVID and its economic impacts.

Action Request

Jump on the conference call line this Wednesday, July 22, at 7 pm, for the next Board Meeting of the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District (Lee & Bastrop counties). The agenda and instructions are here

We want the Lost Pines Board to know we are concerned and we want protection from multiple mega-water permits which, like Vista Ridge, have yet to demonstrate they are actually needed and will serve a "beneficial purpose," as required by Texas water law.

Our officials -- of all stripes -- are failing us, while some are starting to step up in a tough and complicated situation.

It might not too late...yet.

On that note, you can also call the official(s) of your choice, all the way to the Governor's office.

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PS The petition drive for the SAWS Accountability Act (SAWSAct.org) is underway! Print it out or reply to this message if you want us to mail you some. San Antonio voters only may sign.