League of Independent Voters of Texas

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Don't be scared of the BIG DARK MONEY campaign going on now in San Antonio.

Richard Perez of the Greater San Antonio Chambers of Commerce was half-hysterical at their press conference yesterday indicating that if the SAWS Act gets on the ballot the sky would fall.

Perez even showed the press how they have failed to do basic campaign disclosure required by Texas campaign finance law. (Press, so far, has failed to report this -- we have...keep reading.)

The truth is if we get the SAWS Accountability Act on the ballot and passed next May, an independent performance audit of Vista Ridge is going to show us who is profiteering off of 58% rate hikes for Vista Ridge. That's the beginning of the end of the SAWS cash-cow for private development interests. It will also shake up city politics for the May 2021 election.

We posted the SAWS Act PAC release about this at the "Stop the SAWS Profiteers" at Change.org/LIVSAWSAct.

Please go read it, sign the petition and share it.

Come volunteer at San Antonio polls next week. If you can't get there put some money behind our online petition and help us grow across central Texas.

Don't get burnt out. Get burned up with your independent pals at LIV.

Independently yours,

League of Independent Voters of Texas
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PS You gotta ask yourself if the pillaging by the "bidness" community is why San Antonio is the poorest metro area in the U.S.